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Hundreds of thousands of people hear a sharp verdict every day: YOU ARE INFECTED !!! COVID is destroying destinies, corporations, businesses today, has killed more than a million people and there is no real weapon against that?

There is a real weapon! VACCINATION! And today, only one vaccine is officially registered in the world. This is Sputnik V, which was born and works hard in the Russian Federation !

  • You can be vaccinated and be protected against this disease for 2 years. For this you need to make a trip to Russian Federation with our help. This option is available to those, who is not sick – did not get a virus yet.
  • Vaccination itself happens in 2 stages: 1-st injection, then in 3 weeks 2-nd injection. So, you can: or to have 2 trips to Russian Federation or 1 trip with 3 weeks stay in the country. Our company will take care of your accommodation booking, flight, visa and other aspects in both cases and in case of longer stay will prepare a good and interesting program! Plus you will be vaccinated with genuine Vaccine # 1 in the world during your trip.
  • You can read more about vaccine and the start of mass vaccination in Russia in our Facebook pages.
  • Plus you can read about Sputnik V on the site of producer of this vaccine
  • Certificate of registration of vaccine by Russian Ministry of Health.


Many of you imagine trip to Moscow as a trip to cosmic space. Which is not so. Few hour flight and you are there!

Our company offers to interested to take a Sputniktrip – trip to Russian Federation to get vaccinated by Sputnik V vaccine. You need to know that it’s a very difficult task to organize from logistical point of view. Especially now, when boarders are closing and opening at the same time and all types of restrictions appear here and there.

What our services are for: Megaevent s.r.o. will arrange logistics of your Sputniktrip to Russian Federation, make it easy and sophisticated. You can make arrangement by yourself, but then you need to talk to clinics by yourself, arrange visas and other problematic today services also by yourself, which is complicated. In our case we will do it instead of you!

Sputniktrip and politization. Vaccine Sputnik V is a vaccine and as any medicine is neutral against any political party, group, movement or race. In this case we would like to warn any organization or individual against politization of this medicine, or construction of any scheme about it. It is developed for protection of human lives and this is the only intention of it’s existence. Our company does not answer on any attempt of politization of it, does not comment on it and will react legally on any attempt of falsification of it. In clinics which we recommend you will receive authentic 100% officially registered vaccine.

The actual decision on necessity of medical trip to Russian Federation is fully on you ! Of course, the clinical services will be done under Russian legislation and in accordance with RF rules and procedures, which you need to accept and agree in advance.

Trip details, timing and price

Travel and visa arrangements by TOP quality operator: ASIANA

We agreed about partnership with the company ASIANA. This company is: The most productive Amadeus reservation terminal in the Czech Republic (Amadeus Marketing ČSA), The best IATA agency in the Czech Republic (Travel Trade Gazette). According to the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 in Central Europe rankings, ASIANA is one of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Central Europe.

Prophylactic medical services

Since vaccination is taking place in 2 stages: first injection and , in 3 weeks, a second one, the trip can be done as:

In addition to Moscow, we are working on other destinations: to Saint-Petersburg for Nothern Europe and to Kaliningrad, where clients from Europe can get by car or a bus. More information will be published later.

Clinics and medical arrangements in Russian Federation

Our company made agreement with few top quality medical establishments, which will take care of examination and vaccination of clients. You will be able to choose the appropriate for you clinics after purchasing advance reservation.

Your stay in Moscow

If you will decide to stay in Moscow for 3 weeks between injections, we have hired local travel agencies, which will come up with interesting program for you: visits to theaters, restaurants, – do not forget, that Moscow is one of the famous theater capitals in the world. Possible trip to Saint-Petersburg and many other options which you will choose from. If you will decide to have 2 trips to Moscow, you will be offered shorter tours for you to see one of the most beautiful places in the world. The same with airport pick up: you can be delivered with micro bus or by luxury limousine – your choice!

Price of Sputniktrip

Many of you imagine trip to Russian Federation as a flight to cosmos. Which is not – 2 hours in the plane and you are there!

Price. You need to pay 3 000 Kč (120 Euros) . This is initiation and admin fee, necessary to start the processes. This fee is not refundable. Later you will need to choose and pay for:

  • Visa processing with standard consular fees and processing fees; (All prices are standard and do not include hidden fees)
  • Airline tickets booking – under your requirements and flight type. (You will be offered current official price for the flight)
  • Accommodation in Russian Federation.Can be luxury or economy. (You will be offered current official price for the hotel choice)
  • Airport pick up (You will be offered different options and prices)
  • Translation services if necessary. Current public price
  • Medical examination before injection. Current public price
  • 2 injections of vaccine. (~`50 Euros total)

All those payments and options will be preliminary agreed to with you and do not have any hidden costs. All services will be provided by professionals.


Obligations from our side. We cannot come with any obligations or warranties on vaccination effect. Vaccination as any medical process is in many cases individual and if it works in general, it may not work perfect for you personally. It’s fully your personal decision and we cannot influence on it in every case. But you will do treatment under supervision of professional doctors, so risk will be minimized. Plus it’s the only really visible way to fight with it!

Plus there is an option to buy an insurance – classical insurance and medical insurance. You will be offered those options too.